Citizen Farm

Who are they? 

Citizen farm is a closed-loop urban farming system that integrates natural systems with modern technology, along with a more robust and sustainable urban farming model for the world and for us. 

What is their goal?

Their aim is to change the way people eat and live long term and short term. Instead of consuming industrially-produced food shipped halfway across the globe, we want our community to thrive on sustainable, safe, and locally-grown fresh food. 

Who works there?

We are passionate about hiring people from all backgrounds as well as those who are socially disadvantaged. Working with plants is therapeutic and rewarding, and our farm is specially designed to create a great work environment for everyone. Currently, we work with the Autism Resource Centre and the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore to provide employment for those with intellectual disabilities.

What are they doing?

Citizen Farm are providing Citizen Boxes which are full of healthy organic fruits and vegetables. The citizen box if full of organic and healthy, no pesticide and no herbicide grown foods.

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