Welcome to UWCSEA East’s Farmer’s Market!

Our aim is to help make locally farmed produce more accessible to UWCSEA East’s community.

As Singapore is an island, a huge majority of the produce we consume is imported from other countries. By offering a farmer’s market on UWCSEA East’s campus, we, the Environmental Service, are striving to support local businesses and healthy, eco-friendly farming methods. All of the produce the Fireflies Health Farm provides to the school will be sold at cost, with all proceeds going back to the farm!

Thank you for supporting this initiative!

Quotes from the students in the service:

“It’s been a fun experience and I feel good making other people and myself healthier”

“I feel good promoting organic and locally grown vegetables to make other people healthier Its has been a great experience promoting organic vegetables”

“Even though I signed up late I still had a really fun time here! IT feels good to give people vegetables and make them healthier.”

“It’s been a great and fun experience and I feel really good delivering to people who want to eat healthily and try new things.”


Group leader directing us.

Head Marketer

‘Green Is Good!’


We went from this…

…Too This!

wetabix thing



What our buyers have to say about citizen box:

“I would like more salad leaves etc as having locally grown salad is so much better than flown compared to locally grown brassicas say and imported.” 

“The quality is excellent!”

“I really enjoyed the micro greens and salads.”

Citizen Farm Logo: